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More about the US flag: What Do You Think of Your State’s flag?


Americans have a deep love for their US flag and proudly display it all around their homes, whether for special occasions or just everyday decor. They don’t stop at the American flag; they enjoy decorating with a variety of other decorative flags as well.

In this article, we’ll dive into the most popular trends in American flag and decorative flag decor. Join Flagwix as we explore the latest designs that are currently exciting the flag-loving community.

Why Decorate with US Flags

The Symbolism Behind U.S Flags

Everyone knows the pride, history of the US flag, the American spirit, and the nation’s diverse cultural identity. That’s why the American flag is prominently displayed on almost every national holiday, such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day.

Bringing Local Pride to Your Home

Bringing Local Pride to Your Home

Regarding American state flags, before the United States unified, the states were separate autonomous territories, each with its own set of laws. Many state flags serve as symbolic reminders of their unique histories and identities before becoming part of the United States.

State flags are often displayed below the American flag. Each state has a distinct flag, showcasing the rich cultural diversity across the country.

Exploring the Flagwix Collection of US State Flags

Inspired by this diversity, Flagwix creates unique US state flag designs, allowing you to showcase your pride in your home state while expressing your deep patriotism. We offer a wide variety of decorative flag styles, including garden flags, house flags, and fan flags, so you can decorate patriotically in your own unique way. Which state is your home state?

Tips for Choosing the Perfect US Flag | Best for Beginners

Finding a business that sells the US flag isn’t difficult, but to ensure your flag is displayed beautifully and according to flag laws, you’ll need to consider some basics like size, material, and the place to hang it.

Below are some tips to help for newbies:

By paying attention to these details, you’ll be well on your way to hosting an unforgettable Independence Day celebration. And for all your flag and 4th of July decor needs, be sure to check out Flagwix’s impressive collection of patriotic decorations!

Product features:

Shipping from the USA: All flags are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to American quality standards.

Material: Canvas.

Type: Print – Double sides printed.

Available 2 sizes:

  • House Flag: 29.5″ x 39.5″ (75 x 100cm)
  • Garden Flag: 11.5″ x 17.5″ (29 x 44cm)

Matching Sizes to Your Space

First, decide where you’ll hang the US flag. Select a high, visible location free from obstacles. For example, if you plan to hang one in front of your house but there’s too much furniture, consider clearing some space to make sure the flag is clearly visible.

Next, do some measurements to hang correctly:

  • How high will you hang the flag?
  • How long is your flagpole or mounting hardware?
  • Ensure the dimensions of US flag is appropriate so it doesn’t touch the ground.

Answering these questions will help you choose the right one.

Flagwix Feedback
A Feedback From Flagwix's Customer

Selecting the Right Material for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The next consideration is the US flag material, which depends on whether it will be displayed indoors or outdoors.

  • Indoor Flags: For indoor display, such as wall art, materials like canvas or silk are popular choices.
  • Outdoor Flags: For outdoor display, you’ll need more durable materials to withstand weather conditions. Invest in higher-quality items made from waterproof polyester or nylon to ensure they last longer and maintain their appearance.

Creative Ways to Display Your US State Flag

Decorating with the US flag is a fantastic way to add some patriotic flair and creativity to your space. Whether you’re gearing up for the 4th of July or simply want to showcase your pride. 

Outdoor Display Ideas for Your State Flag

Here are six simple and fun ways to make your US flag and your state flags stand out:

  • Double the Pride: Displaying both flag together is a powerful statement of national and local pride. Remember, the American flag should always be on top, as per US flag code. 
  • Wall Art Wonder: Transform your indoor space or porch with flag wall art. Hang them proudly to create a vibrant, patriotic atmosphere that’s perfect for celebrating any holiday.
  • Porch Perfect: Decorate your porch with flags to welcome guests with a burst of patriotism. Whether you drape them over railings or hang them from the eaves, your home will radiate pride.
  • Garden Glamour: Add garden flags to your garden to create a lively, patriotic outdoor space. Use different sizes to make your garden a festive retreat. 
  • Festive Fence: Make your fence a focal point by decorating it with some fence banners. It’s a great way to showcase your pride.
  • Window Wow: Frame your windows with American flag to create a stunning visual effect both inside and out. It’s an easy way to spread patriotic spirit throughout your home.

Using Flagpoles and Brackets for Maximum Impact

Make Your US Flag Shines with These Handy Accessories!

Flying your flag is a wonderful way to show your patriotism, and with a few accessories, you can make it even easier to display it proudly and visibly. Here’s how:

  • Flagpoles & Brackets: Find a flag pole placement in front of house is the way to go! Don’t forget to grab additional brackets and screws to secure it in the perfect position.
  • Wall Hanging Options: No flagpole? No problem! You can hang your flag directly on the wall. Simply nail it in place or get creative with clips or rope to avoid drilling holes. It’s easy and versatile!

Vertical Garden Flag Stand Frame

Patriotic Eagle Welcome American

Mounting Ring 360° Rotating Anti Wrap For Flag Pole

Hanging Flags on Porches and Balconies

Thank You Veterans Door Cover & Banners
Thank You Veterans Door Cover & Banners
Veterans Day, Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave Door Cover & Banners
Veterans Day, Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave Door Cover & Banners
Thank You Veterans, Honoring Those Who Served, Veterans Day, American Eagle Door Cover & Banners
  • Balcony Display: The balcony is a prime spot for your American flag. It’s front and center, ensuring everyone sees your patriotic display without needing a flagpole. Just hang your flag, and you’re all set!
  • Bunting & String Flags: Balconies are also perfect for bunting flags and decorative string flags, creating a lively, festive feel. Keep in mind that high balconies can be windy, so  carefully to prevent them from blowing away or tearing.
  • Porch & Front Door: Make a stellar first impression with your porch and front door decor. Combine door banners and door covers with your flags to create a cohesive, patriotic look that greets your visitors with American pride.

Indoor Display Ideas for Your U.S Flag

Don’t forget about your indoor spaces – you have more decor options than you might think! With just a few flags, you can transform a plain room into a patriotic haven. Here’s how:

Framing Your State Flag as Wall Art

Wooden US Flag
  • Wall Art Wonders: Tired of the usual hanging style? Turn your flags into stunning wall art! Frame your American flag and hang it on the wall to create an eye-catching centerpiece. This creative approach not only adds a touch of elegance but also helps preserve your flags from harsh outdoor weather.
  • Flag Cases: folding US flag and displaying your flags in beautiful flag cases on your tables or shelves. These cases protect your flags and turn them into striking decor items that add a patriotic touch to any room.

Incorporating Flags into Home Decor

  • Farmhouse Flair: For the indoor area, you will have quite a lot of furniture and how to make them stand out along with your flag is quite a difficult question. Personally, I like farmhouse-style decorations with vintage colors that will match the U.S flag. You can choose the interior color tone of the shelves, cabinets, and tables and chairs to be white. The wood material will add elegance, luxury and make your flag the star of your decor.
  • Cozy Accents: Enhance your patriotic theme with cozy accents like throw blankets and flower vases. These small details can tie the room together and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions About US State Flags

When choosing a US flag size, consider the location and purpose. For outdoor display on a flagpole, a standard 3×5 foot flag is a great choice. For smaller spaces like porches or gardens, a 2×3 foot flag works well. Indoors, you can opt for even smaller sizes to fit your decor.

Yes, you can display state flags alongside the national flag! According to flag etiquette, the national flag should always be flown higher than state flags when displayed together. If they are on the same level, ensure the national flag is placed to the observer’s left.

To keep your state flag looking its best, hand wash it with mild detergent and cold water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach. Let it air dry to prevent damage from heat. Regularly inspect your flag for signs of wear and tear, and repair or replace it as needed.

Yes, there are a few rules to keep in mind. When displayed outdoors, ensure your state flag is in good condition and properly secured. Indoors, you can display it on a wall or in a case. Always show respect by avoiding contact with the ground and following local flag display guidelines.

Conclusion: Celebrate Your State Pride with Beautiful Designs from Flagwix

With the US flag and these decor ideas, you can easily turn any indoor space into a tribute to your love for America. Happy decorating!

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