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Veterans Day Banners | Flagwix’s Top choices | New edtion for Veterans Day


Displaying Veterans day banners on Veterans Day – A dignified gesture of acknowledgment and appreciation.

Veterans Day stands as a solemn commemoration of the sacrifices and valor of those who have served our nation with distinction.

Beyond the traditional grand observances like floral tributes, processions, and memorial services, there exist myriad expressions of reverence and thanks. One notable manner is the display of banners and flags.

We invite you to Flagwix for a deeper understanding of Veterans Day and to explore our latest range of commemorative decor for this esteemed occasion.

The Origin of Veterans Day​

Veterans Day, once known as Armistice Day, began as a U.S. holiday marking the cessation of World War I hostilities on November 11, 1918. By 1938, Congress solidified November 11 as a recognized legal holiday.

In a landmark move, President Eisenhower endorsed a bill that rebranded November 11 as Veterans Day, shifting its focus from solely commemorating WWI’s end to honoring all veterans from every war and conflict, as well as every individual who has donned the U.S. military uniform. 

This day now stands as a public testament to the enduring contributions of living veterans and a gesture of deep appreciation for their service.

While Veterans Day pays homage to all those who have served the U.S.—whether in wartime or peacetime, living or deceased—it predominantly serves as a heartfelt tribute to the living veterans and acknowledges the sacrifices they made. 

It’s noteworthy that this day initially remembered the end of World War I as Armistice Day.

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Why Veterans Day Banners Matters?

Why Veterans Day Banners Matters?​

Typically, Veterans Day banners are reserved for significant and formal events. On a momentous and solemn occasion like Veterans Day, the messages conveyed by banners are profound: expressing gratitude, bestowing honor, and paying tribute to the valor of our courageous veterans.

Veterans Day is an annual observance dedicated to commemorating the brave veterans who laid down their lives for the nation. Falling on November 11th, it marks “the 11th hour of the 11th”day”—the precise moment when World War I came to a halt. The emblematic symbol of Veterans Day is the poignant red poppy.

Furthermore, several other symbols and images come to the fore during this commemoration. Notably, the American flag waves proudly alongside depictions of gallant soldiers. The emblems representing various military branches—the army, navy, and Air Force—are also prominently displayed, highlighting their invaluable contributions to safeguarding America’s freedoms.

Nationally, the epicenter of Veterans Day observances remains the memorial amphitheater encircling the Tomb of the Unknown. Precisely at 11 a.m. on November 11th, a combined color guard, representing all the armed services, performs “Present Arms” at this revered site.

Exclusive Designs at Flagwix

Flagwix prioritizes human values, narratives, and the significance behind every flag we craft. Beyond mere aesthetics, each design captures a narrative, an emotion, and a source of inspiration.

Our latest Veteran flag collection, since its debut, has garnered immense appreciation. It’s more than a decorative piece—it’s a symbol of pride and a heartfelt token of gratitude towards our veterans. Stories from families of veterans particularly inspire us.

Driven by these tales and our unwavering respect, we are proud to unveil our new Veterans-themed door covers.

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Inspiration Behind the Collection

At Flagwix, the impetus for our Veterans product line has always been to craft items rich in narrative and significance. This inspiration has been deeply rooted in the stories and overwhelming support we’ve received from our customers since the inception of this collection.

Our range boasts an array of themed flags, including:

Yellow And Red Fox Labrador Retriever Flag Flagwix™ American Patriot Flag With Lovely Retrievers Dog Photo

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American Patriot

Amazing Police K9 Flag Flagwix™ Thin Blue Line Flag For Home

Veterans Day Honoring All Who Served Kneeling Soldier American Flag MLN2026F

Veterans Day, Thank You Veterans Flag

Veteran Jesus Christ Kneeling For The Cross Fallen Soldiers Veterans Flag

September 11th Never Forget, All Gave Some 9/11 Memorial American Flag

Never Forget 9/11 Patriot Day Eagle American Flag MLN1747F

911 Patriot Day, September 11 Never Forget American Jesus Flag

Jesus Christian Cross. Be Still And Know That I Am God American Flag

One Nation Under God, Jesus Christian American Eagle Flag

Patriot Day 911 Twin Tower Never Forget God Bless Flag MLN1610F

  • And various other themes catering to diverse tastes.

Regardless of how you serve or express your devotion to America, Flagwix has a flag for you. Be it the Police flag, Firefighter flag, or another rendition of the Patriot flag, we have a symbol of pride ready for you.

How to Choose the Perfect Banner for Veteran’s Day

Choosing a banner for Veterans Day is also something you should keep in mind to get the best and most meaningful display. It can be a thank you veterans banner, veteran flag, US veteran flag or military banner. They’re all good veterans day banner ideas.

Let’s refer to the following tips to choose the perfect banner.

Color Palette for Veterans Day

The quintessential colors for Veterans Day are red, white, and blue. Opting for flags and Veterans day banners dominated by these patriotic shades is a timeless way to convey respect.

Furthermore, blue and red veterans’ awareness ribbons are also symbolic. Blue embodies the service of U.S. veterans, while red signifies the sacrifices made in the line of duty.

Thank You Veterans Door Cover & Banners

Material Considerations

Given that Veterans Day banners are frequently displayed outdoors, the choice of material is paramount. Prioritize durable fabrics that can withstand adverse weather conditions. Options like burlap, canvas, and poly-cotton are recommended. 

The right material ensures your banner remains vibrant, minimizing wear and tear and preventing it from getting excessively windswept.

Size Matters

The banner’s dimensions should correspond to its intended display area. A vast space, such as a porch or an expansive wall, can accommodate larger Veterans Day banners, making for a visually arresting display.

Conversely, constrained spaces would benefit from slender, vertical Veteran banners, optimizing the available area.

Flagwix's Commitment to Veterans

  • Distinctive Designs: At Flagwix, we pride ourselves on curating the best and most unique designs that resonate with the spirit of Veterans Day. Our creations are not just decorative pieces; they are tokens of gratitude, making them perfect for both adorning spaces and gifting to loved ones on this special day.
  • Narratives & Symbolism: Beyond the colors and patterns, each of our flag designs encapsulates a story, a memory, or a symbol of valor. We believe in celebrating the depth of veterans’ sacrifices and contributions, and our flags serve as a canvas for these profound tales.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our commitment doesn’t end with providing quality flags; we ensure that every customer enjoys a seamless and satisfying experience. From understanding your needs to ensuring timely delivery, our team is dedicated to serving you with utmost professionalism and care.


  • 1. How do you mark Veterans Day?

    Veterans Day is commemorated in various ways, depending on personal preferences and local traditions. Common observances include:

    • Attending local parades or ceremonies.
    • Visiting war memorials or veterans' cemeteries.
    • Flying the American flag at half-staff.
    • Observing a moment of silence at 11 a.m. to mark the end of World War I.
    • Volunteering at veterans' hospitals or organizations.
    • Wearing red poppies, a symbol of remembrance and appreciation.
    • Expressing gratitude to veterans personally or through messages on social media.


  • 2. What are the colors for Veterans Day?

    The primary colors associated with Veterans Day are red, white, and blue, mirroring the colors of the American flag. Red signifies valor and bravery, white represents purity and innocence, and blue stands for vigilance, perseverance, and justice. On Veterans Day, these colors are prominently displayed as a tribute to the veterans' sacrifices and the nation's enduring values.

In Wrapping Up

We hope this insight into Veterans day banners has kindled your inspiration, guiding you to the perfect design for the upcoming Veterans Day.

Remember to drop by the Flagwix store to stay updated on promotions and to explore the freshest additions to our veterans’ flag assortment.

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