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Memorial Day Colors And Their Symbolic Meanings


There’s no limit to the Memorial Day colors. On every important day in the United States, you easily spot the Red, White, and Blue everywhere. Memorial Day is no exception and folks respectfully use these colors to commemorate those who fought and died for the stability of our nation.  There are other hues to tell us about the day as well – let’s dive into them right now!

What Are Memorial Day Colors?

Memorial Day colors represent the remembrance and characteristics of military soldiers who sacrificed. There are six symbolic colors to learn so far, including:

  • Red
  • White
  • Navy Blue
  • Yellow
  • Olive Green
  • Sapphire Blue
red as poppies on the battlefield

Red — poppies on the battlefield

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Commonly, the red color represents bravery, courage, and sacrifice. Red is precisely the color of blood that wars took from our fallen soldiers. 

But in the context of history, red is also the color of poppies — the flowers growing on battlefields. Veterans and military members have been attaching this flower as a badge on their shirts to remember the battles they fought and the military who died. 

That symbol of remembrance was inspired by a poem called “In Flanders Fields,” written by Lt. Col. John McCrae, who served on the battlefields of World War I. This poem evokes the image of poppies growing in profusion on the battlefields and cemeteries of World War I.

After years of destruction by war, the poppies still grow on battlefields as if to remember those veterans who are no longer with us. 

White — purity and innocence


The color white on the American flag symbolizes the pure virtues of soldiers who went to war for their country. The sacrifices made by soldiers come from both their courage and their will to give up selflessly.

Navy blue — vigilance, perseverance, and justice

HEX #0A3161

The navy blue is all about vigilance, perseverance, and justice, which the nation’s service members sacrificed their lives to achieve.

Men and women around the country chose this color to represent their remembrance of this year’s Memorial Day. Specifically, the event is called Wear Blue: Run to Remember. During this campaign, folks run while wearing blue to pay tribute to the service members who died in Global War or Terror. 

yellow ribbon

Yellow — the ribbon color of Memorial Day

HEX #F2C200

The poem “She Wears the Golden Ribbon” inspired the yellow ribbon. The poem has been around for over four centuries and tells the story of a woman wearing a yellow ribbon while waiting for her beloved to return during a war.

George Norton turned the poem into a song in 1917. The image of the yellow ribbon did not become popular with the US military until it was featured in the 1949 film “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.”

In addition, the United States Army chose yellow as its official color. It’s easy to spot on the Army Star logo.

military dad carrying his son with the american flag on his shoulders

Olive Green — the color of peace

HEX #404627

Olive green is one of the colors associated with peace, which the fallen service members achieved for the country. This color is also used in military logos and uniforms. It reminds them of the mission they carry — to bring peace back home. 

Sapphire Blue — the commemorative color to honor devotion

HEX #151667

Although this color has nothing to do with the military or historical events, its meaning perfectly fits Memorial Day.

Sapphire blue is a deep blue color representing the bond between commitment and gratitude. This color is considered a tribute to those sacrificing their lives to ensure America’s survival. 

How To Use The Colors For Memorial Day

There are several ways of showing remembrance through the Memorial Day colors. Flying the American flag at half staff is one of the simplest ways to do that. You can also wear those colors while attending Memorial events. However, if you genuinely love all mentioned colors, associate them with your Memorial Day home decor! 

Once again, Memorial day flags are the most crucial element to have on such a federal holiday — but hanging signs are also expressive. So have a look at the decorative items below to spark some ideas.

(Note that Flagwix offers both house flags and garden flags)

American Veterans Eagle Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Fallen Flag MLN2768F
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The flag’s olive green color with camo pattern is eye-catching while still retaining the Memorial Day spirit. To remind the public of which service branch you are honoring, the Army Star logo is absolutely needed. The military flags also shows your appreciation in both May and November because of its message (for Veterans Day). 

This is a house flag with an approximate size of 29.5” x 39.5”. It should attach perfectly to any flagstaff with just quick and easy installation. You can hang it on a porch, a patio, or a tree branch in the yard. Without a flagstaff, it would look beautiful on the wall. 

Veteran Memorial Day Always Remember Our Heroes Remember Soldiers Flag MLN2776F
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If you want something more prominent to fly proudly on the vertical flagpole, you should consider this option. The military flags comes with grommets in order for you to mount it into the halyard. It is made with an additional goal to fly at half-staff in the mourning moments. 

In terms of design, Flagwix incorporates a well-known Army statement into this design to paint a picture of what message you want to spread. If you are in the US Army, you’ll know they say “This we’ll defend” as an official pledge. And the message is no doubt about the Army’s mission of protecting the United States and its civilians. 

Veteran Kneeling Cross Patriot Eagle We The People Grommet Flag MLN2774GF
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Fly this 3×5 flag as a tribute to the Armed Forces’ fallen service members!

This Memorial day flag honors those who gave their lives for America, with a touch of red, white, and blue – the colors of Memorial Day.

The military flags are all made of canvas, which is heavy-duty and weather-resistant. We also only use premium ink to achieve exceptional color vibrancy and art details. People will notice if there is text on it right away!

Patriotic Eagle American Non-Pleated Fan Flag TPT1636F
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A new item in 2024 at Flagwix! f you have lost a family member who served in the military, this fan flag is a fitting tribute. It is beautiful how it pays homage to the deceased with eagle and American flag background that remind us of their service. Yes — the nation’s peace and stability have been exchanged with blood, sweat, and tears.

You can see the full selection of 👉 Non-Pleated Fan Flag 👈 at Flagwix.

📌 Flagwix Fan Flags – What Is The Half Circle Flag Called?

Memorial Day Remember And Honor Fence Banner
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Memorial Day honors all service members who died in the line of duty or due to old age. However, it is not prohibited to honor members of only one military branch.

If you’ve lost someone who served in military, this Fence Banner is designed to express your personal feelings.

The design is straightforward, with the US military boots and Cross logo prominently displayed in the banner’s center. Great to show your memorial and respect in your garden or fence.

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Memorial Day is approaching, and we can quickly feel that atmosphere where folks are heading their hearts toward our fallen service members. To get mindful of the day, you can learn about the Memorial Day colors. Also thanks to that, you’ll know partly how to pay tribute properly in a way that spreads. 

I hope you enjoy this post — and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more upcoming holiday news and home decor tips. 

Thanks for reading!

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