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6 Ways To Make Mom Happy On Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day (May 8) is coming to all the heroic ladies in this world — Moms. This day celebrates how amazing and special they are for being women and being mothers of children. They, undoubtedly, deserve all sweet sayings and a remarkable moment on this special day. So, stick with us in this post to learn how to make your mom happy on Mother’s Day!

how to make mom happy on Mothers day
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How To Make Mom Happy On Mother’s Day, from Surprising Ideas to Practical Gifts

Announce to mom about Mother’s Day in a unique way

Mother’s Day is around the corner, but your mum is busy working without a clue about her day? You can take advantage of it to surprise her on May 8th morning. 

Simply make her a delicious breakfast before she even wakes up. Do not forget to make things adorned beautifully to ensure she’ll be impressed. A delicate “Happy Mother’s Day” card put next to the meal would mean a bunch of hearts to her. Take this as a note to say, “I love you, mom” as well! 

Another unique way is to hang a house flag that says “Happy Mother’s Day” outside the front door. Imagine when she walks past that door and notices the waving banner on the porch! She’ll definitely smile while thinking of it all day. That could also make an interesting story that she’d love to tell her colleagues at work.

Show mom that you care about her hobbies

Most moms are so hard-working that they forget to spend time on their hobbies. Remind her of how needed it is to relax and enjoy her own life! 

Whether your mom is a book fanatic, a sportswoman, a gardener, or a traveler, you’ll have options to make mom surprised on Mother’s Day. The one-fit-all option must be mom tumblers

They are a functional, practical, and meaningful gift to give your mom on such a day. She’ll use a tumbler while reading her favorite book at home or outdoors.

Also, coming with its lid and a straw, these tumblers allow her to stay hydrated while gardening for long hours. If she loves sport and traveling, they are a great choice of Mother’s Day gift as well.

More notably, the tumblers say a lot about your bond to mommy in a hilarious way. Yes – the quotes are just too funny to hold a laugh from. 

So, if you are looking for a way to support your mom’s hobbies while tickling her funny bones, get her these tumblers!

Give mom a day to relax

Mother’s Day is also a reminder for our beloved women to stay relaxed. Giving them a spa gift certificate is recommended. 

Find her a great local spa that offers A-Z services to give her a sense of refreshment. Moms deserve to be fully pampered after a year of hard work. 

A dinner night made by her children and husband would also mean a lot. Make sure not to involve mum in the cooking part (even though it can get messed up without her). Such a cozy gathering will provide valuable time for your family to create happy memories while celebrating mothers, including your mom, your grandma, and sisters who have kids.

Take her pictures and start making a “My beloved mama” album

There is no doubt that pictures are the memory keeper. Make sure to take many photos of your mom on the day and ever after to save the best moments about her. 

It shows just how much she means to you and how much she is cared for. Nothing says a lot more than pictures. 

But do not forget to put those photos in an album. Keep it forever and show it to her the next Mother’s Day. That will make her feel proud and special.

Give her the thing she always wanted

The straightforward way to brighten up mom’s day is by getting her the thing she always wanted. It could be a purse, a jacket, a necklace, a makeup kit, or simply a book! SpiritedAway has the cutest accessories for mom you can pick from.

Depending on her lifestyle and personality, you’ll know what to buy for her. Even if she is the kind of mom who has everything, trust me, there must be at least one thing she loves but has not yet owned. 

Try to make some previous conversations. Start with your own story to pique her attention. Then make some questions that will reveal her wish for something.

Offer to be a mom in one day!

Yes – you heard it! Playing the mother role is meant to let your mom have a day off and let yourself to understand how hard it is to handle things as a mom.

She will be happy because you care enough to understand her day-to-day tasks. Above all, your clumsiness in performing that role will also leave her with unforgettable memories and laughter.

That is the best sentimental gift you can give to your mom as a teenager!

Quotes About Mom for Mother’s Day

It goes without saying that sometimes we need a quote to honor the one we love. Besides the gifts, these ten beautiful quotes about moms will surely melt her heart.

1. A mother’s love is the morning sunshine that always enlightens our way. — Debasish Mridha

2. The day you call someone “Mother” is the day your pain is hers to bear, you burden is hers to carry. — Sunanda J. Chatterjee

3. A mother’s love is never-ending. — Indonesian proverb

4. A mother gives you a life, a mother-in-law gives you her life. — Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

5. A mother is the most important blessing of your life. — Debasish Mridha

6. Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face. — George Eliot

7. A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. — Irish proverb

8. Mother love among men is the same thing exactly as mother love among birds and quadrupeds. — J. Howard Moore

9. A mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever. — Revathi Sankaran

10. When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth. — Mitch Albom (For One More Day)

The Bottom Line

Above are our recommendations for ways to make mom happy on Mother’s Day. Regardless of any way you find interesting and possible in your case, do it from the bottom of your heart. After all, what mum wants is to be loved and appreciated by her children. 

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Thank you for reading!

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