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Our Florida State Flag Collection Makes You A Trendsetter


The Florida state flag holds a captivating history and is a symbol cherished by Florida residents and enthusiasts alike. Dive into its rich heritage and uncover fascinating stories. And that’s not all! Stay with us until the end to unlock a collection of cool and unique flags from Flagwix, designed to ignite your Florida spirit. Join us on this exciting journey!

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It would be a long process to learn the details of The Florida state flag. So this brief summary will help you grasp the historical context and key elements of the design of the Florida state flag, highlighting the modifications made in 1900 and the subsequent depiction established. in 1968.

*** You can find the full information about the Florida and Florida flags at the Florida Department of State

Florida State Flag

Find The Early Designs of the Florida State Flag

The present design of The Florida state flagwas officially adopted in 1900 following the approval of a constitutional amendment by Florida voters. This amendment was based on a joint resolution passed by the state legislature in 1899. The amendment called for the addition of diagonal red lines forming a cross of Saint Andrew on the flag.

Prior to 1900, from 1868 to that year, The Florida state flag featured a white rectangular field with the state seal positioned at its center. However, in the late 1890s, Governor Francis P. Fleming suggested the inclusion of a red cross on the flag to prevent any misconceptions that it might signify surrender or truce. The intention was to maintain its dignity even when hanging from a flagpole.

During the process of rewriting the Florida Constitution in 1968, specific dimensions were omitted, and instead, The Florida state flag‘s description became part of the statutory language. As per the current description, the flag comprises a white background with the state seal positioned in the center, having a diameter equivalent to half the width of the hoist.

Additionally, there are red bars on each corner extending towards the center and reaching the outer edge of the seal. These red bars have a width equivalent to one-fifth of the flag’s width.

Changes and Modifications to the Flag

Florida is a great microcosm of the country.

Martha MacCallum

Just like any country, the formation and development of a state often lead to the creation of various flag designs and variations. The Florida state flag is no exception to this, as it has gone through several interesting changes before reaching its current form. 

Let’s explore some fascinating information about the Florida flag’s different versions it has had over time.

Florida State Flag - 1845

On the 3rd of March, 1845, Florida achieved statehood, becoming the twenty-seventh state of the United States. In celebration of this significant event, the citizens of Tallahassee bestowed upon the incoming Governor, William D. Moseley, a Florida flag that was raised during his inauguration ceremony.

Regrettably, despite its initial prominence, this particular flag did not attain the status of the official national flag due to a controversy revolving around its motto. Although there are no surviving physical examples of The Florida state flag, reconstructions have been made based on written descriptions to provide an understanding of its appearance and design.

Florida State Flag of Florida - 1861

Following Florida’s secession from the Union in January 1861, various unofficial flags were raised throughout the state. In response, the General Assembly enacted a law instructing Governor Madison S. Perry to select a design that would befit the Florida state flag and possess a unique character.

Approximately six months later, Governor Perry requested the secretary of state to document a detailed description of Florida’s inaugural official flag. However, it remains uncertain whether this flag was ever hoisted above the Capitol or flown in the field. 

Nonetheless, reconstructions of the Florida state flag have been created based on written accounts to provide an idea of its appearance and features.

I love Florida. I love the beach. I love the sound of the crashing surfers against the rocks.

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The Lone Star Flag - 1861

Florida The Lone Star Flag - 1861

Amidst the turmoil preceding the onset of the Civil War, state forces seized control of the federal forts and naval yards located in Pensacola. It was during this time that Colonel William H. Chase, commanding officer of the Florida Army, raised a makeshift flag.

This Florida state flag, known as Colonel Chase’s “lone star flag,” featured a design identical to the flag utilized by the Texas Republican Navy between 1836 and 1845. The adoption of this flag by Colonel Chase symbolized a connection to the Lone Star State of Texas and its fight for independence.

Secession Flag - 1861

Secession Flag - 1861​

Prior to Florida’s formal secession from the Union, unofficial “secession” Florida flags were already being flown in various regions of the state.

One notable Florida flag was presented to Governor Madison Starke Perry by a group known as “The Ladies of Broward’s Neck” in Duval County. This flag held significance as it was prominently displayed at the Capitol when the Decree of Secession was signed on January 11, 1861. 

Its presence during this historic event symbolized the unity and determination of those in favor of secession.

State Flag - 1868

State Flag - 1868​

The Constitutional Convention of 1868 marked a significant moment in Florida’s history as it led to the establishment of the state’s second official Florida flag.

According to the convention, it was mandated that the legislature should, at the earliest convenience, “adopt a coat of arms in the design of the Great Seal of the State, printed on a white background measuring 6 feet 6 inches in height and 6 feet in depth.” 

This directive aimed to ensure the creation of a distinct and recognizable the Florida state flag that reflected the significance of the Great Seal of Florida.

State Flag - 1900

Due to the lack of color visibility when the Florida state flag was rolled up, the Florida Legislature took action in 1899 by proposing an amendment to the state Constitution. This amendment, which sought to enhance the flag’s appearance, involved the addition of red diagonal lines. In 1900, the amendment was presented to the voters for ratification, and it was subsequently approved. 

Since then, this version of the Florida state flag with the red diagonal lines has remained the official and recognized flag of the state up to the present day.

Symbolism and Meaning Behind the Florida State Flag

What does the Florida state flag mean?


State Motto
State Flag - 1900

Decoding the Symbols: Understanding the Elements on the Flag

The addition of the St. Andrew’s Cross to the flag was approved by the people of Florida through a referendum in 1900. The red color of the Burgundy Cross holds deep symbolism, representing the cross upon which Saint Andrew, one of the apostles, was crucified. 

To this day, the St. Andrew’s Cross is proudly displayed in Florida’s historic Spanish settlements, such as the renowned city of St. Augustine, serving as a testament to the state’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Florida State Flag Meaning

The Florida flag beautifully captures the essence of the state, depicting it as a land of abundant sunshine, blooming flowers, graceful palm trees, and winding rivers. The flag prominently showcases a red cross, known as the St. Andrew’s Cross, positioned against a backdrop of pure white. 

This design is further enhanced by the inclusion of the state’s seal, which overlaps with the cross at the center.

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Experience the Vibrant Spirit of Florida! Elevate your home with the Florida state flag and infuse a joyful atmosphere into your space. Discover our diverse collection of state flags, including the captivating Florida flag. Be a trendsetter and spread the cheer by gifting them to your loved ones. Join us now and embrace the lively essence of Florida in your home today!


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