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Flagwix’s Australia Day Flag Collection Spotlight!


As Australia Day draws near, Flagwix proudly unveils our exclusive Australia Day flag collection! Packed with top-quality, eye-catching designs, this range is set to inject a dose of vibrant celebration into your Australia Day festivities. 

Discover the trending flag designs that are setting our store alight with Australian spirit and cheer!

We’ve launched the Australia Day flag collection to embody the vibrant and passionate spirit that defines Australian culture. As the nation gears up for its biggest celebration, our flags aim to be a colorful addition to the festivities, capturing the essence of Australia Day.

Celebrate Australia Day with our collection, where each flag waves the pride and joy of Australia, from the bounding kangaroos to the cuddly koalas!

Australia Flag Kangaroo

The kangaroo, a beloved icon found across Australia, hops at the heart of our Australia Day flag designs. 

Chosen for its unique forward-only movement, the kangaroo symbolizes the nation’s progressive spirit and friendly demeanor, reflecting the Australian ethos of always moving ahead.

Happy Australia Day January 26th Koala and Kangaroo Australia Flag MLN2350F
Happy Australia Day January 26th Koala and Kangaroo Australia Flag MLN2350F
Happy Australia Day January 26th Koala and Kangaroo Australia Flag MLN2350F
Kangaroo Australia Day Flag TQN2168F

Australia Day Koala Flag

Our Australia Day flag ideas also feature the adorable koala, a worldwide symbol of cuteness and an Australian treasure. These charming creatures not only represent the country’s rich wildlife but also remind us of the importance of conservation, embodying the warmth and protective nature of Australians.

Koala Australia Day Flag TQN2246F

Australia Day Grommet Flag​

Our 3×5 Australia Day flag comes in a generous size, perfect for all your decoration desires. Hoist it up on a flagpole for a splendid display of patriotism or drape it as a dynamic backdrop for a truly Aussie-themed decor.

Australia Kangaroo and Koala Happy Australia Day Grommet Flag MLN2353GF
Happy Australia Day, Australian Flag TPT1518GF
Happy Australia Day Grommet Flag TQN2327GF

The Australia Day flag feature convenient holes for versatile hanging options, allowing easy installation of various eyelets for swift setup and take down. Crafted with thick, durable fabric and boasting high-quality double-sided printing, it’s built to withstand the elements just as well as any house or garden flag, making it an excellent choice for outdoor Australia Day flag raising.

Celebrate Australia Day in grand style with a flag that’s as robust and spirited as the country it honors!

Transform Your Home - Choose Your Perfect Flag!

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Any Ideas for Australia Day? Dive into the celebrations with Flagwix’s exquisite Australia Day flag collection

Flying High: The Show-Stopping Features of Flagwix's Australia Day Flags!

At Flagwix, we pride ourselves on crafting and designing decorative flags that bring unique, high-quality designs to our customers. We tirelessly explore and embrace the rich cultural nuances of various nations to create flags that make a lasting impression on an international audience.

For Australia Day flag ideas, we’ve drawn inspiration from the lively and progressive Australian spirit to introduce an enhanced collection of Australia Day flags, notable for their innovative design and quality enhancements. Here’s why our flags have garnered such enthusiastic acclaim:

Design Innovations: Our flags break the mold with a variety of iconic Australian symbols, from the national flag and Sydney Opera House to native wildlife like koalas and kangaroos, offering a rich tapestry of designs that celebrate Australia’s heritage and beauty.

Quality Upgrades: Each flag is custom made, handcrafted to meet American quality standards. They are constructed from thick, durable canvas material, designed to withstand harsh weather and maintain their beauty over time. Our flags are UV, fade, and mildew resistant, ensuring they remain a vibrant tribute to Australian patriotism for many seasons.

Printing Excellence: Employing a double-sided printing technique, each side of the flag is independently printed with no bleed-through or smudging. We use premium, environmentally friendly dyes to produce colorful, vivid, and radiant designs, making the flags a versatile decor piece admired from any angle.

Available in three sizes, our flags cater to all your decorative needs for Australia Day:

  • House flag: 29.5″ x 39.5″ (75 x 100cm)
  • Garden flag: 11.5″ x 17.5″ (29 x 44cm)
  • Grommet Flag: 3 x 5 ft (92 x 152 cm)

Lightweight and designed to ripple in even the gentlest breeze, our custom printed flags add a dynamic and welcoming touch to your Australia Day celebrations, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Australia Day celebrations

Flagwix's Hottest Tips for Australia Day Flag Decor!

If you’re wondering how to showcase our Australia Day flag designs this Australia Day, let Flagwix inspire your creativity!

Wanna get some tips from us? 

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Decorating with Australian Day House Flags

Easily hang our standard-sized Australia Day house flags on a flagpole for a traditional display. You can place the flagpole on your wall, porch, or gate, or combine with some Australia Day bunting flags, turning them into a striking symbol of Australia Day pride for your home. 

Alternatively, transform these Australia Day flag ideas into statement wall art to infuse your living space with the festive spirit of Australia Day.

Embellishing with Australia Day Garden Flags

For those who love to decorate outdoors, our Australia Day flag designs for gardens are an excellent choice. Display them in your yard with a garden flag stand, perfect for adding a patriotic touch to your Australia Day outdoor BBQ or party, or even as some Australia Day car flags. 

They’re also compact enough to hang in your window, adding a festive flair from inside out!

Happy Australia Day 26th January Kangaroo and Koala Australia Flag MLN2310F

Utilizing Australia Day Grommet Flag 3x5

Our larger 3×5 Australia Day grommet flags offer versatile decorating options. Ideal for tall and large flagpoles, they provide impressive visibility, ensuring your flag is seen from a distance. Looking for a backdrop to express Australian patriotism? This larger Australia Day flag is perfect for creating a powerful and patriotic display.

No matter how you choose to decorate, our Australia Day flag selections are designed to help you celebrate Australia Day with style and pride!

Utilizing Australia Day Grommet Flag 3x5

In wrapping up

Now that you’ve browsed through our Australia Day flag collection, we hope you find the perfect design to create a vibrant and joyous atmosphere for your Australia Day celebrations.

Remember to stay connected with Flagwix for the latest in flag designs and to discover even more innovative decorating ideas! Let’s make this Australia Day the most memorable and spirited one yet with Flagwix flags.

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