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The Story of the Air Force Veteran Flag: A Salute in Fabric


This Veterans Day, raise the Air Force Veteran flag high. Let them flutter in the wind, bearing witness to our collective admiration and gratitude for the guardians of our skies. Dive into our unique collection and find that perfect tribute – a flag that speaks a thousand words.

The Air Force, with unwavering dedication and unmatched prowess, takes on the monumental task of defending and safeguarding America’s sovereign skies. Their commitment to the mission, day in and day out, ensures that our nation rests under a canopy of safety and freedom.

Veterans Day is more than just a day of remembrance; it’s a day to pay homage to these brave souls who soar above, shielding us from harm. And what better way to honor them than with the timeless symbol of pride and gratitude – decorative flags.

Air Force

The flag of the United States Air Force prominently features its emblem, which consists of the crest and shield, set against a backdrop of Ultramarine Blue, as defined by the Pantone Matching System. This Air Force flag is further adorned with thirteen white stars on the same blue background.

The United States boasts a collection of armed forces comprising the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard. In addition to these, the National Guard and the Air National Guard serve as reserve components for their specific branches and function under a combination of state and federal authority.

Air Force Flag​

Background and History

The emblem of the United States Air Force (USAF) was meticulously crafted to pay homage to the institution’s rich history while also signifying its future potential. In 1998, in pursuit of a distinctive symbol that encapsulated the culture, environment, and heritage of the Air Force, its leadership spearheaded research initiatives and convened focus groups.

The resultant emblem was conceived in 1999. After a series of surveys and securing its trademark registration, it was officially recognized as the Air Force’s emblem in May 2004 by the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.

This contemporary emblem draws inspiration from the wing design envisioned by World War II Army Air Corps General Henry “Hap” Arnold and his collaborating artist. A unique tidbit about these wings is that their inspiration purportedly stems from a photograph of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, where he showcases the renowned “V for Victory” hand sign. 

The wings, being curved rather than straight, received General Arnold’s endorsement. Consequently, by incorporating fundamental features such as the wings, stars, and the “Arnold” circle, the USAF Emblem seamlessly marries the esteemed traditions of the Army Air Corps with the dynamic prowess of contemporary air and space force.

What Does The Military Flag Mean?

US Air Force Honor Guard body bearer inspects tricorn flag before presenting to lead body bearer.

The national flag carries thirteen stripes that alternate between red and white, each stripe reflecting one of the original colonies. These colors aren’t just decorative; they bear profound meanings. White stands for purity and innocence, red signifies courage and valor, while blue embodies vigilance, determination, and justice.

The emblem of the U.S. Air Force is a fusion of historic connections and a myriad of symbolic interpretations pertinent to the service branch.

The emblem bifurcates into two primary sections: the artistically rendered wings occupying the upper segment, and a composition of stars, spheres, and diamonds below.

The emblem’s wings, intrinsically tied to the legacy of service, are reminiscent of those donned by the Army Air Forces during World War II, based on Henry “Hap” Arnold’s design. These wings encapsulate the resilience and valor of Air Force personnel. The unique angular stripes embedded in the wings not only signify the agility and might of the service members but are further segmented into six partitions, each highlighting distinct competencies of the Air Force and Space Force:

  • Air and space dominance
  • Global offensive capabilities
  • Rapid global mobility
  • Precision engagement
  • Informational dominance
  • Agile combat support

The emblem’s central sphere, representative of Earth, underscores the Air Force’s enduring commitment to safeguarding American freedoms through global vigilance, reach, and might. This globe also stands as a testament to the Air Force’s expeditionary role in swiftly responding to crises and exerting decisive aerospace prowess globally.

The encompassing five-pointed star accentuates the Air Force’s multifaceted dimensions: its mission drive, civilian populace, reserves, guards, and retirees. Moreover, the star resonates with the vastness of space, marking the strategic advantage of the U.S. Space Force. In the context of leadership, this star emerges as an emblematic beacon, especially in times of warfare and conflict.

Lastly, encircling the star’s lower half are three diamonds, epitomizing the Air Force’s foundational principles:

  • Unwavering integrity
  • Selfless service
  • Striving for excellence in every endeavor.

From Fabric to Heart: The Air Force Veteran Flag's Journey in a Veteran's Home

When using decorative objects related to national, military symbols, etc., we must consider its meaning and rules to avoid causing misunderstanding and disrespect.

Get Started on Your Veteran Day Journey

Flag Patches and Military Decorum

Air Force Flag Patches and Military Decorum​

Airmen, instead of flying flags, frequently opt for a coat of arms designed as a flag patch. The specific location of flag patches is not detailed in the United States Code. Whether on the left or right sleeve, it is acceptable to wear the American flag patch. If affixed to the left sleeve, the union (stars) will face forward, and the stripes will span horizontally toward the back.

For military formations, Directive 1005.8 issued by the Department of Defense provides clear guidance on the order of precedence for personnel. Drawing parallels with this directive, the sequence for displaying military flags is as follows:

  • Army
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard

Displaying Military Flags with Other Flags

displaying military flags order

When showcasing flags, whether in parades, outside residences, or government establishments, a specific hierarchy must be adhered to. The Ministry of National Defense has provided explicit guidelines regarding this sequence:

  • The United States Flag: This flag always takes precedence. When displayed with other flags, the American Flag should either be more prominent in size or at least match the dimensions of the largest flag present. In scenarios where multiple flags are hoisted on the same pole or showcased together, the American flag must be placed at a more elevated position than the other flags or to its own right (from the perspective of the flag itself).
  • National Flags: These flags follow after the American flag and should be arranged in alphabetical order based on the countries they represent.
  • Military Flags: Their sequence follows the order of the establishment of the respective military branches. The lineup is:
  1. (1) Army flag
  2. (2) Marine Corps flag
  3. (3) Navy flag
  4. (4) Air Force flag
  5. (5) Coast Guard flag (assuming “Police flag sea” refers to the Coast Guard)
  • Other Flags: These encompass flags representing various entities like municipalities, cities, organizations, and so forth. They are displayed after the military flags.

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Flagwix Air Force Veteran Flag Collection

At Flagwix, our core belief is in delivering messages of compassion, unity, and honor. As Veterans Day approaches, we are reminded once again of the immense sacrifices made by our brave servicemen and servicewomen. It is our honor to send out messages of appreciation and recognition to those who have donned the uniform and served our great nation.

With this sentiment in mind, we proudly present our Veteran flag collection. This collection isn’t just a compilation of designs; it’s a culmination of stories, sacrifices, and the indomitable spirit of our armed forces. Each flag serves as a testament to the time served, the memories created, and the legacy left behind.

Our collection boasts a diverse range of designs, each tailored to resonate with veterans from various branches – be it the Army, Navy, Air Force, or the Marines. Every flag from our collection isn’t merely a decorative piece; it’s a symbol, a message, and most importantly, a heartfelt gift for our veterans.

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Spotlight: Air Force Veteran Flag

Our Air Force Veteran flag series, in particular, has been crafted with great attention to detail and reverence. Representing the vast skies they’ve conquered and the valor they’ve showcased, these Air Force Veteran flag series are the perfect ode to the brave hearts of the Air Force. From designs that encapsulate historic moments to those that resonate with the modern-day Air Force ethos, there’s something for every Air Force veteran.

We invite you to explore these unique flags and consider them as a gesture of gratitude for the Air Force veterans in your life. After all, what better way to say “Thank You” than with a gift that carries the weight of their memories and the warmth of your appreciation?

Discover the depth, the stories, and the honor embedded in each Air Force Veteran flag series, and let’s together make this Veterans Day a memorable one with Flagwix.

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The Emblematic Journey: Flags in Military Culture

Flying the flag, irrespective of the occasion – be it Independence Day, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day – demands a commitment to priority and reverence. The act of hoisting the U.S. military flag is laden with solemnity and must be approached with deliberate intent. While the American flag has its own set of etiquette rules, the military flag too comes with its unique regulations.

For those seeking to exhibit the utmost respect and honor towards the armed forces through their flag display, adhering to the following guidelines ensures that your intentions align with the established protocols:

Equal Respect: Should you decide to display a military flag, bestow upon it the same reverence and esteem as you would the national flag. The dedication and sacrifices made by our servicemen and servicewomen, as symbolized by these flags, are no less significant.

Direction Matters: Before setting up your flag display, first ascertain the primary direction from which it will be viewed by the majority of onlookers. Keeping this vantage point in mind, ensure that the flags, when arrayed, adhere to the correct sequence from left to right.

Order of Priority: The order in which multiple military flags are showcased is pivotal. Typically, the establishment date of each military branch dictates this sequence. Hence:

  • Army: Founded in 1775, it holds the foremost position.
  • Navy: Established later in 1775, it comes next.
  • Marine Corps: Founded in 1775 as well, it follows the Navy.
  • Coast Guard: Its inception in 1790 places it next in line.
  • Air Force: Being the most recent, established in 1947, it takes the final position.

Displaying the military flag with accuracy and respect serves as a silent salute to our troops. It’s a visual testament to their valor and our nation’s pride in them. By being meticulous in how we present these symbols, we ensure that our intended homage does not inadvertently stray into the realm of disrespect.


  • 1. Does the Air Force have a flag?

    Yes, the Air Force has its own official flag, which prominently displays the emblem of the United States Air Force.

  • 2. How many stars are on the Air Force flag?

    The Air Force flag features thirteen white stars, symbolizing the original thirteen colonies.

  • 3. How many flags are in the military?

    Each branch of the U.S. military has its own official flag. Currently, there are six primary military branches: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard.

    Thus, there are six official flags for these branches. Additionally, there are numerous other flags representing various units, divisions, and commands within each branch.

In Wrapping Up: A Salute to the Continual Mission

At Flagwix, we’ve crafted our Air Force Veteran flag collection not just as tokens of gratitude but as symbols of the deeper sentiments they stand for. Beyond the patriotic hues and intricate designs, these flags convey messages of national pride, peace, and the universal longing for freedom. Every wave of these flags whispers stories of valor, and every flutter resonates with hopes for a peaceful tomorrow.

Though wars may have ceased and have been etched into the annals of history, the mission of the Air Force remains ever-constant. Their vigilance and dedication soar high above, ensuring our skies remain clear and our nation stays protected.

As we commemorate Veterans Day, we wish to express our deepest admiration for those who’ve served and those who continue to do so. Your sacrifices and commitment have paved the way for the freedoms we cherish today.

From the bottom of our hearts, we say, “Happy Veterans Day!” Let our flags be a constant reminder of a nation’s gratitude and the collective aspirations of humanity for peace and liberty.

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