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9 11 20th Anniversary Flag Raising Ceremony


It’s been more than 20 years since the United States suffered the tragic attack on September 11th, 2001. Perhaps they will never forget this terrible day, even after a century has passed.

In memory of those who tragically lost their lives during this event, many regions in the U.S. hold a 9-11 20th Anniversary flag-raising ceremony.

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What Is The 9-11 Event? 

A planned suicide assault was brought out on September 11th, 2001, by al Qaeda terrorists onboard three hijacked passenger aircraft.

It targeted the  New York City’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon and killed all passengers on the planes as well as about 3,000 civilians on the land.

After crew and passengers attempted to retake control of the terrorists, the fourth jet fell into a meadow nearby Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board.

A timeline of the unfolded 9/11 events is below. Let’s take a look!

7:59 A.M.: The Boeing 767 operated by American Airlines and carrying 92 passengers takes off. 

8:14 A.M.: 65 passengers are on board United Airlines Flight 175’s Boeing 767 as it departs Boston for Los Angeles.

8:19 A.M.: Flight 11’s flight attendants notify ground officials of the hijacking, and American Airlines contacts the FBI.

8:20 A.M.: Outside Washington, D.C Dulles International Airport is where American Airlines Flight 77 takes off. There are 64 passengers on board the Boeing 757 as it flies in Los Angeles.

8:24 A.M.: Mohammed Atta, the hijacker, transmits ground control, the first of the two unintentional broadcasts from Flight 11.

8:41 A.M.: 44 passengers board a Boeing 757 as it takes off from Newark International Airport towards San Francisco.

8:46 A.M.: The World Trade Center North Tower is struck by the plane’s hijackers as it hits floors 93 to 99.

 9:03 A.M.: hijackers cause United Airlines Flight 175 to collide with floors 75 to 85 of the South Tower’s World Trade Center.

9:37 A.M.: Hijackers on Flight 77 caused the aircraft to collide with the Pentagon’s western front in Washington, D.C.

9:59 A.M.: The World Trade Center’s South Tower collapses.

10:07 A.M.: In Somerset County, Pennsylvania, hijackers intentionally crash the aircraft into a meadow.

10:28 A.M.: The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

5:20 P.M.: The Seven World Trade Center crumples.

9/11 event

9-11 20th Anniversary Flag Raising Ceremony

Americans commemorate the almost 3,000 people who died in New York City, Arlington, and Shanksville due to the terrorist assaults on September 11th, 20 years ago.

People gathered in front of American consulates and embassies worldwide to pray, sing, and cry. They left flowers, handwritten notes, candles, mementos, and drawings.

9/11 significantly influenced their generation’s destiny and worldview more than other events.

75 Communities from throughout America will participate in the 9-11 anniversary flag-raising ceremony on September 11th, 2022.

The Five-Foot 9-11 Flag of Honor will be raised in all 75 Communities on the Special and Sacred Day. 

AmeriCorps and Global Youth Justice will distribute these flags with the names of 2,983 victims who died in this tragic event free of charge.

After the ceremony, 75 Communities participate in Service Projects like Environmental Restoration Projects, Community Resource Fairs, and Blood Drives. 

9/11 anniversary

Which Regions Hold 9-11 20th Anniversary Flag Raising Ceremonies? 

Several communities hold ceremonies to commemorate the tragic event. Below are some sites that will host the anniversary:


The Memorial Stair Climb for 9/11 will occur at 8:46 A.M. at InfoCision Stadium, Akron.


An event at the Silver Park 9/11 monument marks the start of a Community Day of Service and Remembrance at 9 A.M.


The Beloit Fire Association will hold an event honoring 9/11 at 10 A.M.


The Canton Fire Department holds the second yearly 9/11 Memorial Climb at 8:15 A.M. at the William McKinley National Memorial.


 At 8:45 A.M, The Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center will host the 9/11 Patriot Day-20th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony.

Cuyahoga Falls

At 8:15 A.M, the Downtown Amphitheater, 2085 Front Street, will host the Last Alarm Memorial Service.

Apart from the above sites, various communities host this anniversary. 

9/11 ceremony 

How To Hang A 9-11 20th Anniversary Flag At Home? 

Like other flags, you can hang this flag using many ways. Here are some recommendations to display 9-11 pennants at home. 

Put It To The Highest Position.

You should put this pennant in the highest place when additional flags fly beside it.

This flag should remain in the top spot even if each pennant is mounted on a separate pole.

Pitch It To The Left Side Of The Viewers.

It matters where the other pennants are flying if they are hoisted at an equal height as this flag.

It would be best if you displayed it to the left side of the viewers. 

Hang It With The Union To The Left Of The Viewers.

The cluster of stars should be located on the top when hanging this pennant on the wall.

Whether you show the pennant on a wall horizontally or vertically, the blue area should be on the observer’s left.

Light It At Night.

It’s acceptable to hang your pennant at night. However, the flag protocol recommends lighting it after sunset or when it gets dark. 

Remove It During Bad Weather.

Taking the flag down will prevent it from damaging and wear and tear if the weather is terrible. 

A further sign of respect for the national emblem is carefully storing the flag during a torrential downpour.

If you want to know more tips to prolong the longevity of your flag, you can watch this video:


Display flag

In A Nutshell

The 9-11 20th Anniversary flag-raising ceremony is famous today because it is a great way to show our condolences and respect for the victims of the September 11th tragic event.

After reading the post, maybe you will acquire some valuable knowledge. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more information about this historic event. We’re always willing to help you!

Thanks for reading!

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